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Re: How to Change Fluid Properties


Hi Ivan,rnrnWhat do you mean by “”messed up images””?rnrnYou should remember that the characteristical density of the model is 1 kg/m³ from the default parameter of the class LBconverter<T>. I know that the documentation says that the unit of this parameter is kg/m^d, but at the end it is 1 kg/m³.rnrnThe characteristical shear viscosity could be defined by the user in the class LBconverter<T>. So you can set up this variable.rnrnThe velocity “”uF”” is a initial condition for the problem. Thus it will not change the shear viscosity.rnrnI suppose that the file “”Cylinder.dat”” should be modified if you modify the parameter of the class LBconverter<T>. Otherwise, I do not see how it could be modified.rnrnBest Regards,rnrnAlejandro