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Re: instability problem


Hi Mathias,rnrnWhat I want to do is verify the experimental results of fluid flow through a single fracture.rnrnThe geometry is:rnaperture B = 0.5mm;rnlength L =1.25m;rnrnviscosity=1.3 e-6 m^2/s;rnrnBy increasing the pressure gradient and change the aperture , there will be a relationship between the hydraulic gradient and flow quantity-the typical Cubic law.rnrnHowever, I only can simulate the laminar flow no matter what the Reynolds number is. I am confused, I have tried to fix the viscosity and simulate the flow in different Reynolds number by change the character length and speed. In addition, it is possible to gradually increase the body force as the “”reIniGeometry””.rnrnBy the way, the pressure is applied as the example “”forced-Poiseuillel””. rnrnDoes the flow property not depend on the Reynolds number in such a simulation?rnrnThanks a lot!rnrnJepsonrn