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Re: LES LBM for turbomachinery


Hi Robin,rnrnMany thanks for your quick response. I have saved a video of an openFoam case which illustrates what I mean as I realise my explanation is not great 🙂 You can see it here: the time being I am interested in only simulating a single passage because I want to get a high resolution of the flow field but in the future maybe simulating the entire geometry is simpler. I am also wondering what the kind of parallel capabilities of the code are currently? I am looking at openLB as an alternative to classic CFD solutions for low mach number, low Reynolds number flow. The codes I am using have been scaling with large simulations utilising 16,000 cores and more, and I am wondering if openLB will allow the same? Otherwise due to the size of simulations involved its a no go for me.rnrnThanks!rnrnPS for some reason I don’t get reply alerts via email on the forums so apologies if I take some time to reply!rnrn