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Re: LES LBM for turbomachinery


Hi quadrupole,rnrnthe code should be capable of the setup you want to simulate.rnFor LES simulations Smagorinsky turbulence models are implemented, that are easy to use. Also OpenLB has a build-in meshing tool, so external libraries are not required. You can build your own mesh from geometric primitives or read in STL-files, or combine boith methods.rnThe simulation for the video you mentioned are done, by a frame change method. With functors you can apply coriolis and rotational forces to the fluid and apply velocity boundaries to the cylinder. This method requires far less computational cost than remeshing every timestep, by exploiting the advantage that the static part of the mesh is rotational invariant, is that also the case for your stator?rnTo apply periodic boundary conditions you can have a look a the “”forcedPoiseuille”” example in OpenLB where those boundaries are applied.rnAs far as I understand with the sliding boundaries you want to simulate that the rotor does not touch / collide the stator but there is no fluid node in between. This should also be possible, applying the mentioned frame change method together with appropriate boundary conditions.rnrnDoes this answer alle your questions?rnrnIf you want to get started with OpenLB, there will be a spring school in march:rn