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Re: Non reflecting boundary condition



I have not been able to implement any non-reflecting boundary conditions using postProcessors. The user guide simply stated “For non-local dynamics, a so-called post-processor needs to be implemented and integrated into a BlockLatticeXD through a call to the method addPostProcessorXD.” which I don’t quite understand.

Does that also mean that parallelization is not possible since it is implemented with BlockLattice and not SuperLattice?

To illustrate my problem further, I refer to the example “cylinder2d” where the Re has been increased to 100. The reflected wave at the outlet is apparent. I would like to remove wave reflections of this kind. Ideally, it should be achieved without the use of a gradually increasing inlet since I would like to move on to the study of acoustics eventually.

I hope to get more help on this issue. Thanks.