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Re: OpenLB 3D cylinder example

Quote from robin.trunk on August 23, 2016, 08:42rnHi simonguornrnthe vti just contain a part of the geometry. This informations are assembled in the .pvd files. Just have a look at my today’s post in this topic:rn

rnrnrnHi Robin,rnrnThank you for the help. It’s quite useful for me. rnrnI noticed your answer in another topic “”For Each timestep in the same folder there is a file “”cylinder2d_iTxxxxx.pvd”” that shows the solution for the whole geometry in the specific timestep.rnIf you want to open all the data in Paraview so that you can press play, just open the file “”cylinder2d.pvd”” in the folder “”vtkData””.””rnrnI tried to open cylinder3d_iTxxxxx.pvd in Paraview 5.0.0, but it was still failed, nor did “”cylinder3d.pvd””. What’s the reason for that? (The code is still running, but I think it is not affect the existing files.)rnrnThanks again.rnrnSimon