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Re: OpenLB 3D cylinder example

Quote from robin.trunk on August 25, 2016, 07:30rnHi Simon,rnrnit should work, I tried with the same Paraview version. Maybe doing a “”make clean”” to delete old files before executing helps.rnDoes some error show up?rnDid you change something in the code?rnrnBestrnRobin

rnrnHi Robin,rnrnAnother question may need your kind help.rnIf I want to modify the geometry for cylinder3d (like shorten the cylinder length, but keep the original domain, so that cylinder doenn’t penetrate the domain), what should I do?rnrnI referred to “”″”, and have 2 ideas: rn1) edit the cylinder3d.stl file in freecad. I just wonder which file I need to modify? *.stl or *.fcstd? Besides the geometry, is there any mesh generation issues regarding to build my own geometry?rnrn2) Dr. Mathias mentioned “”/ set the material numbers “”by hand””rn””blockGeometry.setMaterial(iX, iY, iZ, 2);”” But I failed to find that block. Is this block still in cylinder3d.cpp?rnrnThanks for your kind advice.rnrnSimon