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Re: OpenLB 3D cylinder example


Hi Simon,rnrnI think there are 3 options to do this:rnrn1) Edit the .stl file like you said. Here you just need to modify the STL, not the fcstd. However the material number for the cylinder is set in “”prepareGeometry””, you maybe have to adapt the “”/// Set material number for cylinder”” part.rnrn2) You can construct your own geometry using the indicator-functors. This way you can easily modify your geometry later on, just like in cylinder2D.rnrn3) You can set material numbers by hand. You can’t find a blockGeometry, since a superGeometry is used, that consists of blockGeometries. Looking at the doxygen the superGeometry3D has functions “”set”” to modify the material number. However I think this would be the most work intensive way to modify the geometry in your case.rnrnBestrnRobin