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Re: OpenLB 3D cylinder example


I kind of have the same problem – it seems that the .vti files contain several parts of the geometry in question.rnrnAs for paraview, you can easily visualize streamlines by using the “”Streamtracer”” filter. In paraview you apply filters to your data pipeline and that will modify your data, so that the next filter can operate on that as well. For visualising planes you have the “”Slice”” filter. Apply a slice and then the “”Generate Surface vectors”” filter. You can select ‘parallel’ as a option and this will project your vectors onto that plane. Then I would use the “”Glyph”” filter with the velocity field as input to visualise the streamlines. You can do this wit the stream tracer too. Honestly paraview is great, you can create some customizable filters if what exists is not what you want. rnrnHave a look here to get started with what you need: