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Re: Parallel (MPI/OpenMP) simulation


Hi mathias,rnrnI understand some basic thing in programming but I am still new in Linux, OpenLB and C++. What it is exactly a “”compilation protocol””?rnrnI searched a simple example for running “”hello world”” in mpi. I found this website: I saved the hello.cpp and files. Then, I tried to compile the “”.sh”” but I got:rn

rnaclarobarr@urgc-hu21:~/Documents/olb-1.0r0/Test_MPI$ ./hello.shrnhello.cpp:9:18: fatal error: mpi.h: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce typern # include “”mpi.h””rn ^rncompilation terminated.rnErrors compiling hello.cpprn

rnrnI tried to search the “”mpi.h”” file in the computer but I did not find anything. Although, I have a mpi version already installed, I used


. Do you know the meaning of this problem?rnrn1. Do you know how can I checked that I can run mpi program?rn2. Do you have any simple hello-world like code that you can send me in order to test the mpi?rnrnBest regards,rnrnAlejandro rnrn