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Re: rho vs. rho +/- 1 (esp. for computePressureField())


Dear Mathias,rnrnThank you for your reply.rnrnI need to sit down and calculate some values for f^eq and f to get a better feel for question 1).rnrnI’m still a bit uncertain as to question 2). In He/Lou page 942, right after eq. (A13b) it saysrn P = c_s^2 rho / rho_0rnrnSince you are calculating the actual rho (not rho+1) inrn block.get(iX,iY).computeRho(),rnshould you not need thern fields.pressureField.get(iX,iY) -= (T)1rnexpression in order to calculate the pressure?rnrnRandy