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Re: Saving Local Pressure Values


Hi Robin,

short follow up:
if I want to get the physical velocity at location “point”, I just change the code to this, right?

SuperLatticePhysVelocity3D<T, DESCRIPTOR> velocity(sLattice, converter, false); // create functor
AnalyticalFfromSuperF3D<T> intpolateVelocity( velocity, true ); // prepare functor to accept physical locations by interpolation
T point[3] = {1.,0,0}; // physical location
T u1[3]={0,0,0};
intpolateVelocity( &p1,point ); // compute velocity at point1 and write value in u1
std::cout << “u1_x= ” << u1[0] << std::endl;