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Re: Simulating channel flow using STL file is not working


Hello Marc,
Right now I am using bounceback wall boundary as the Bouzidi implementation is giving me a similar error as I stated earlier. I have implemented an inlet condition of constant velocity, but after some length of my duct, I see velocity fluctuations. This is what they look like:
My case setup is as follows:
Inlet velocity = 10 m/s
Characteristic viscosity = 1e-6 m2/s (water at 23 degrees)
Reynolds Number = 183000
Lattice velocity = 0.05
LatticeL = 0.001
I wish to further refine my case by reducing LatticeU and LatticeL, but the computing power of my machine is restricting me from doing so. I cannot find a good explanation for the velocity fluctuation. I am guessing that such fluctuations (like sound waves) will affect my analysis of finding high pressure zones and recirculation areas in my duct geometry

Thanks and Regards