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Re: Slip-free and pressure corner boundary condition


Dear OLB team,

I have a question about the implementation of body forces.
What would be the most efficient way to implement a drag force (based on a drag coefficient) to certain lattice points? I think the problem is that I cannot use a linear force model, as the drag force is quadratic. What would you suggest is the most efficient way of implementing a drag force?

edit: I fixed it by making a new SmagorinskyQuadraticVelocityForcedBGKdynamics, by copying the original SmagorinskyLinearVelocityForcedBGKdynamics code and changing:

force[iDim] += v[jDim + iDim*nDim + nDim]*u[jDim][b]* std::abs(u[jDim])[/b];

Thank you very much for your help,