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Re: Smagorinsky Turbulence Model and TRT collision operator


Hey tobit,

this is a good question! I think you are familar with the TRT papers and you know the common TRT magic parameters (lambda=0,25 or lambda=0,375). These values are proposed as universal values. They are calibrated for poiseuille flow or laminar shear flows. In the case of turbulence you have to go magnitudes lower to reach the same stability as BGK and lamda gets a function of your Reynolds number. What you have to do is a lambda recalibration for your cannonical flow type. Your derivation for Smagorinsky TRT seems to be correct, but don’t expect an advantage in comparison for Smagorinsky BGK. If you get other results or see an increased stability, please let me know. I am interested in this topic.

Best Marc