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Re: thermal fluid and conjugate heat transfer


Think you Max,

You save a lot time for me,I would add this in my codes.In recent days,I almost finish my coding,and I find it is difficult for me to set up boundary values.

Well,I konw the T is the dimensionless Temperature = (T – T_lowest) / (T_highest – T_lowest), so usually the colder one will be 0 and the highest 1.but how can I set T_highest and T_lowest ?Are they physical parameters?And how about the different values of thermal conductivity in fluid and solid?In the function in AdvectionDiffusionUnitLB:getKappa=sqrt((T)1/(getPr()*getRa()))*getDeltaT()/(getDeltaX()*getDeltaX()),it seems there is no difference between fluid and solid.

Parameters are connected in lattice world ,and it is not easy to converter physical parameters to lattice parameters especially for my research which has 6 different speed and temperature boundary inlets.I use LBconverter<T> converter1 and AdvectionDiffusionUnitLB<T,NSDESCRIPTOR,TDESCRIPTOR> converter at same time. LBconverter for
converting lattice velocity to physical velocity and AdvectionDiffusionUnitLB for temperature.Is it okey?

I am looking forward to your earlier advise.

Best Gao