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Re: Turbulence Models


Dear Patrick,
thank you so much for the quick and very helpful reply, I greatly appreciate your support.

If I understand correctly, the turbulence model is implemented in the code by substituting th BGK collision operator by a modified one with turbulence modelling, thus reulting in a different omega, and a higher viscosity respectively. This is a very interesting phenomenon, do you know any literature, so I can find out more about this?

What if, instead of reducing the viscosity in order to get a high Re, we increase the velocity (which would be latticeU or charU?)?

My ultimate goal is to finely resolve turbulences, so in the end I have to use a well resolved setup wit BGK anyway. But what would “well resolved” be like? Is there a formula or rule of thumb, or do I need to conduct a mesh refinement study. In this case, which resulting quantity do I need to look at to asses if the mesh is fine enough.

Sorry for the flood of questions.