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Re: Two adjacent cuboids


Hi Mathias,

Thanks for you quick response.

In that case, I misunderstood the purpose of the division in Cell->Lattice->superLattice, and I thought that the lack of grid refinement reffered only to the dynamic capacity but I could attach two lattices of different spacing together.

As for the spring school; Although I have seen that it is strongly recommended in the forum, I am hesitant about its suitability for my application. It is very unlikely that I have the time to develop new code and I am using this only as a end user. Further, for large aerodynamic problems, as the ones I am interested in, mesh refinement is significantly important (I need mesh resolution to get the model details but I cannot afford to have the whole domain at the finest level or my simulations would run for ages!) so I am not entirely sure whether I would be the adequate person for the workshop