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7th Spring School in Heidelberg (Germany) 2024  – Register Now

Registration is now open for the Seventh Spring School on Lattice Boltzmann Methods with OpenLB Software Lab that will be held in Heidelberg/Germany from 4th to 8th of March 2024. The spring school introduces scientists and applicants to the theory of Lattice Boltzmann Methods (LBM) and trains them on practical problems.

Option B: The first half of the week is dedicated to theoretical fundamentals up to ongoing research on selected topics in kinetic theory, scientific computing, LBM, and Partial Differential Equations. Followed by mentored training on case studies using OpenLB in the second half of the week. Emphasis is placed on the modelling and simulation of particulate, multi-component, and turbulent fluid flows.

Option A: Advanced OpenLB users and developers are enabled to solve their own application problems and implement their own solution approaches. All participants benefit from knowledge exchange during the poster session, coffee breaks, and the excursion. We look forward to your participation.

Keep in mind that the number of participants is limited and that the registration follows a first come first serve principle.

On behalf of the spring school executive committee, Kerstin Dick, Shota Ito, Mathias J. Krause, Stephan Simonis

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