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OpenLB Community YouTube Channel Update

We have just released a new video on our OpenLB YouTube Channel about Multi-GPU Simulation of Turbulent Mixing Using an LES Lattice Boltzmann Model and OpenLB.

Accurate simulations of species transport and mixing with reactions in fluids are a grand challenge in CFD because they require resolving relevant turbulent structure down to the Bachelor scales. We present here our first results for our approach on simulating turbulent confined impinging jets (CIJ) micromixer [Johnson & Prud’homme 2003]. With the help of OpenLB ( it is now possible to perform an LES-Lattice Boltzmann Method of that case with a newly developed stabilized species transport. The two turbulent inlets are set up with the vortex method and the wall is mapped with a Bouzidi ansatz for a higher precision. The simulation is meshed in parallel in OpenLB with 248 millions cells which are load-balanced and distributed to 24 A100 GPUs of the HoreKA cluster at KIT. The simulation has taken 40 hours to complete 5.4 ms of real time (17.4 residence times). Two species are simulated but only one is visualized.

Simulation & Visualization: Fedor Bukreev, Adrian Kummerländer

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