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Month: February 2019

A new look and feel for

We just published our new project page for OpenLB. You can find it at We have added a lot of features to improve the usability of our webpage. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the necessary resources.

Improvements include

  • A completely new and improved design
  • New information packed frontpage
  • completely new Forum section (Don’t worry. All your old posts have been moved to the new forum and you can still use your existing username and password.)
  • The navigation menu on the left-hand side is now faster than ever
  • Completely reworked news section
  • Optimization for mobile devices

Please feel free to message us here if you encounter any bugs or problems on the new website.

Spring School 2019 successfully finished

2019/02/22 | LBM Spring School with OpenLB Software Lab successfully finished. The executive committee announces the closing of the third LBM Spring School with OpenLB Software Lab. We were happy to host 46 participants from 12 countries and 3 continents, including three invited speakers in Mannheim, Germany.
This year’s poster award goes to Moritz Lehmann from the Universität Bayreuth, Germany.

On behalf of the spring school executive committee, Natascha Heß-Mohr, Mathias J. Krause, Matthias Rädle, Robin Trunk.