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Reply To: Advection-Diffusion with source term


Hello Max,

1: That sounds great, thank you for your work! Do you have any information on the date of the next release (somewhere in April or sooner \ later)?

2: So I don’t actually need coupling through boussinesq force term if I have a temperature already in my EOS, is that correct? I mean can I simply reimplement coupling by using PengRobinson pontetial’s overloaded () operator to include temperature from the ADLattice? Just want to make sure I understood you correctly.

I also have some additional questions (as you seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject), if you don’t mind.

3: Are there any in-built functions to calculate derivatives or divergence in OpenLB? I found AnalyticalDiffFD1D functor (from the description: “Derivative of a given 1D functor computed with a finite difference”), but as far as I understand it is suited to compute derivatives of functions (via (f(x + eps) – f(x)) / eps), not physical values like velocity or density.

4: Is there a zero-gradient (neumann) boundary for pressure in OpenLB?

Hope I didn’t take too much of your time. Thank you!