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Reply To: implementing BCs on 2D circular boundaries


Hey Mathias,
Maybe I was not clear about my question, we might have a misunderstanding here.
Examples don’t have a problem.
This is what happened:
I changed one of the thermal examples according to my problem and changed the boundaries of the examples into circular ones.
Now the avEnergy is zero while the code is compiling and running.
I think my problem has 3 cases:
1- Boundary condition that I have changed causes all of this. (I changed into Bouzidi based on Cylinder2D) but because it is thermal case, I might be changing something else too. ( I need a 2D circular boundary Bouzidi example for this if possible)
2- Coupling has a problem. ( I did change it a bit base on one other example, it helped it compile)
3- I am defining boundary condition incorrectly which is highly unlikely. I have checked it with multiple examples and they all seem to be correct and they function as intended I believe, based on the Paraview showing correct boundaries.