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Reply To: Low Density Simulation


Thank-you for your prompt response.

In the following forum discussion,

they have discussed about the density and pressure being related by the equation of state and the offset of 1 in the equation.

The formula for lattice pressure in the code is given as: p= cs2 * (rho-1). As per one of your colleagues, he mentioned that ” Instead, it simply seems to be since one wants to correspond density=1 to pressure=0 as a default. Consequently, one has to modify the offset when a different char. phys. pressure is defined. The UnitConverter does this.”

I did not get this completely, should I remove this offset of 1 in this equation as I am having a different pressure values?

Thank you for your earlier suggestion but I need to have velocity constraints on the input and output as well.

I would appreciate your help,