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Reply To: porousPlate2d


Dear Max

I’m having a similar problem, after I add these lines to my code:
SuperEuklidNorm3D<T> normVel(velocity);
BlockReduction3D2D<T> planeReduction(normVel, {0, -1, 0}, 600, BlockDataSyncMode::ReduceOnly);
// write output as JPEG
heatmap::write(planeReduction, iT);

// write output as JPEG and changing properties
heatmap::plotParam<T> jpeg_Param; = “velocity”;
jpeg_Param.contourlevel = 5;
jpeg_Param.colour = “blackbody”;
jpeg_Param.zoomOrigin = {0., 0.};
jpeg_Param.zoomExtend = {1., 1.};
heatmap::write(planeReduction, iT, jpeg_Param);

if I run it in parallel it runs fine, but if I don’t I get this error:
“./channel/imageData/data/_EuklidNormphysVelocityiT0000000.p” line 21: Matrix does not represent a grid
“./channel/imageData/data/_velocityiT0000000.p” line 27: Natrix does not represent a grid

But the picture for this step is actually output.Is it that the code can only run in parallel?

Best Regards,