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Re: Aerodynamic Lens


Thanks Mathias,
I tried to build the following figure using 4 cylinders
______ _______
|__| |___
___ ___
______| |_______|

IndicatorCylinder3D<T> inflow( C0, C1, radius1 );
IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl1( C1, C2, radius1 );
IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl2( C2, C3, radius2 );
IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl3( C3, C4, radius1 );
IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl4( C4, C5, radius3 );
IndicatorCylinder3D<T> outflow( C5, C6, radius3 );
The geometry preparation went OK. However, I got segmentation fault:

[prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry … OK
[prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice …
[prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice … OK
[Timer] step=0; percent=0; passedTime=0.502; remTime=1.004e+07; MLUPs=0
[LatticeStatistics] step=0; t=0; uMax=0; avEnergy=0; avRho=1
[Timer] step=0; percent=0; passedTime=0.967; remTime=1.934e+07; MLUPs=0
[LatticeStatistics] step=0; t=0; uMax=0; avEnergy=nan; avRho=nan
Segmentation fault: 11
I’m trying to figure what I did wrong.