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Aerodynamic Lens

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    I’m trying to place an obstacle inside a cylinder to make aerodynamic lens. I can easily make a cylinder with IndicatorCylinder3D. However, I want to know how to place the obstacle at a certain coordinate inside the cylinder and also to set the size of this obstacle.
    Sorry for the naive question and thanks in advance.

    Muhamed Amin


    You may start with one of the existing OpenLB examples. Then, you set up an indicator of your choice. Then, you use the rename function to rename material numbers which you, finally, use to set dynamics (collision modells) or boundary conditions of your choice. I advice you to go though the examples to see what is possible and register for the next spring school.



    Thanks Mathias,
    I tried to build the following figure using 4 cylinders
    ______ _______
    |__| |___
    ___ ___
    ______| |_______|

    IndicatorCylinder3D<T> inflow( C0, C1, radius1 );
    IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl1( C1, C2, radius1 );
    IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl2( C2, C3, radius2 );
    IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl3( C3, C4, radius1 );
    IndicatorCylinder3D<T> cyl4( C4, C5, radius3 );
    IndicatorCylinder3D<T> outflow( C5, C6, radius3 );
    The geometry preparation went OK. However, I got segmentation fault:

    [prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry … OK
    [prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice …
    [prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice … OK
    [Timer] step=0; percent=0; passedTime=0.502; remTime=1.004e+07; MLUPs=0
    [LatticeStatistics] step=0; t=0; uMax=0; avEnergy=0; avRho=1
    [Timer] step=0; percent=0; passedTime=0.967; remTime=1.934e+07; MLUPs=0
    [LatticeStatistics] step=0; t=0; uMax=0; avEnergy=nan; avRho=nan
    Segmentation fault: 11
    I’m trying to figure what I did wrong.


    Sorry the figure just missed up. they are just 4 cylinders connected to each other with different radii. r1-r2-r3-r4 where r1=r3 and they are greater than r2 and r4.


    You can check the material numbers in paraview. It looks like the dynamics are not assigned correctly. The best is, if you come to the spring school where we explain it step by step. The forum is not the right place. Best Mathias

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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