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Re: Compiling my code for porous media


Hi Sifiso,rnrndo you talking about a Darcy model or resolved porous media? As you have learnt correctly form the user guid we have a Darcy-based model which results in a non-linear Brinkmann equation (basically Navier-Stokes plus a Darcy homogenization term). rnrnYes, you are right. We have currently no exmaple in our current release. However, to set up one is quite simple. Copy one of our examples, like the channel or cylinder flow and apply the changes as mentioned in the user guide. You could e.g. set prorousity inhomogenous in the channel. rnrnMind that you need to work in “”generic”” mode.rnrnYou can then compile the example direct in the folder. The complete libary will be build automatically.rnrnBestrnMathias rn