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Re: Compressible

dear guys
i want to change the dynamic classes to compressible by changing the collision equation for compressible flow
i had the equation of lattice boltzmann in compressible ( feq )
then i don’t know how to change the dynamics classes !
its just too complicated
is there anybody can help me ?
thanks .

hey cloner,

I would suggest you start with simple cases first. Do you have a STL-file for the building? You could try an incompressible flow around that geometry first. If you want to see how STL import to geometry is done in OpenLB, have a look at the example cylinder3d.

What compressible modell do you plan to implement?

So, you found the f^eq definition in the dynamics files. Copy and pasting a whole dynamic class until you get a compiling version without any changes exept for the classes name should be the first step. Afterward you should be able to change the collision step towards your needs.

Best, Max