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    Hey guys
    Im new to this website and i had question that is openlb support compressible flows ?
    please give me a general details about how can i simulate that kind of flow …


    Hey cloner,

    at the moment, there isn’t any modell available for compressible flows in OpenLB.

    What setup do you want to simulate? Do you have a specific compressible LBM in mind?

    If you have questions regarding the implementation, feel free to ask 🙂
    Best Regards, Max


    dear max
    thanks for your responding
    im new to this website and opensource methods
    my thesis contain compressible flows and i just wanna know how can i use openlb and add compressible condition to it ?
    is it possible ?
    and my major question is how can i use openlb and turn it to special case !
    for example using this method for simulation flow around some historical building !
    i was confused to understand that and i’d be appreciated if you help me .
    best regards
    thanks for your kind .

    dear guys
    i want to change the dynamic classes to compressible by changing the collision equation for compressible flow
    i had the equation of lattice boltzmann in compressible ( feq )
    then i don’t know how to change the dynamics classes !
    its just too complicated
    is there anybody can help me ?
    thanks .

    hey cloner,

    I would suggest you start with simple cases first. Do you have a STL-file for the building? You could try an incompressible flow around that geometry first. If you want to see how STL import to geometry is done in OpenLB, have a look at the example cylinder3d.

    What compressible modell do you plan to implement?

    So, you found the f^eq definition in the dynamics files. Copy and pasting a whole dynamic class until you get a compiling version without any changes exept for the classes name should be the first step. Afterward you should be able to change the collision step towards your needs.

    Best, Max

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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