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Re: compressible flow in LBM

Quote from mathias on August 18, 2013, 11:22rnDear MAT,rnrnit seems not to be difficult to implement a model like “””” into the OpenLB code. Basically, you would just have to cange the definition of the collision step in the classes “”dynamics.*”” starting by copying an existing implementation like “”BGK””. We could include your code in the next release if you are happy to share under GPL2.rnrnMathias

rnrnDear MAT,rnTwo years had passed, It seems that there is still not a compressible mode implemented in the latest version olb-0.9. Now that it won’t be very difficult for the developer of this soft-project to add a compressible model, so, why not add one?rnI’m new in LBM area, a lot of elementary book on LBM seems emphasize on incompressible flow only, although many journals have been put into compressible area, I was still wondering is it a good idea to use LBM to model compressible flow?rnIt will be very thankful for anybody to clear up my confusion.