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Re: DynSmagorinskyBGKdynamics – Error


Hi Mathias,rnrnI redefine the DynSmagorinskyBGKdynamics as:rn

template<typename T, template<typename U> class Lattice>rnclass DynSmagorinskyBGKdynamicsNew : public BGKdynamics<T,Lattice> {rnpublic:rn /// Constructorrn DynSmagorinskyBGKdynamicsNew(T omega_, Momenta<T,Lattice>& momenta_, T dx_, T dt_);rn /// Collision steprn virtual void collide(Cell<T,Lattice>& cell, LatticeStatistics<T>& statistics_);rn /// Collide with fixed velocityrn virtual void staticCollide(Cell<T,Lattice>& cell, const T u[Lattice<T>::d],rn LatticeStatistics<T>& statistics_);rn /// Set local relaxation parameter of the dynamicsrn virtual void setOmega(T omega_);rn /// Get local smagorinsky relaxation parameter of the dynamicsrn virtual T getSmagorinskyOmega(Cell<T,Lattice>& cell_);rnrnprivate:rn /// Computes a constant prefactor in order to speed up the computationrn T computePreFactor(T omega_, T smagoConst_, T dx_, T dt_);rn /// Computes the local smagorinsky relaxation parameterrn T computeOmega(T omega0_, T preFactor_, T rho_, T pi_[util::TensorVal<Lattice<T> >::n],rn Cell<T,Lattice>& cell);rn /// effective collision time based upon Smagorisnky approachrn T tau_eff;rn T dx;rn T dt;rn const static int smagoConstIsAt = Lattice<T>::ExternalField::smagoConstIsAt;rn};

rnrnIt should be noted that the smagoConstIsAt attribut have been defined as const static int (before was const static T).

This phrase have been modified, it have been changed const static int by const static T

rnrnThe code compile well.rnrnNow, I some kind of confused about the real implementation of this turbulence model. I know that in this model determines the Smagorinsky parameter (Csm) in each cell at each time step. I understood that

const static int smagoConstIsAt = Lattice<T>::ExternalField::smagoConstIsAt

give the position vector for a external field of the lattice. However, I have not figured out in which moment this “”external field”” have been created.rnrnShould the user give an initial value of this parameter by using for example:rn

template<typename T, template<typename U> class Lattice>rnvoid SuperLattice2D<T,Lattice>::defineExternalField(SuperGeometry2D<T>& sGeometry,rn int material, int fieldBeginsAt, int sizeOfField, AnalyticalF2D<T,T>& field)

rnAs for the “”Poiseuille-Forced-2D”” example?rnrnBest regards,rnAlejandro