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Re: Implementation of a phase transition model


hi Norbert,rn I suggest that you should read the articles listed here, especially Hydrodynamic limit of lattice Boltzmann equations, the dissertation of J. Latt, if you wanna learn the basic theory of LBM used in OPNELB, or you found some equations incomprehensible, cos J. Latt started this program with a quiet different understanding of LBM. And you can refer to Advances in Complex Systems(B. Chopard, P. Luthi, A. Masselot, et, 103(2002)), where the derivation of equation in J. Latt’s dissertation comes. And It’s much easier for you to understand the equation , comparing to J. Latt’s.rn About the code, I suggest IDE debug to understand the control flow and code structure, cos C++ code based on object orientation is really hard to trace manually. I use Eclipse under Linux.rnrnBest wishes.