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Re: Venturi3d example


Hi Laurent,

As we are a non-profit group of free people, you may understand that we are working on that forum in our free time on our free will. Working with moving boundaries goes beyond a simple question. We have currently no example published explainng it. You can have a look in

M.J. Krause, F. Klemens, T. Henn, R. Trunk, and R. Nirschl. “Particle flow simulations with homogenised lattice Boltzmann methods”. In: Particuology 34 (Oct. 2017), pp. 1–13. issn: 1674-2001. doi: url:

You are welcome to help us in the forum and answer the questions of others or you can provide documentation which I am happy to revise and include in our documentation file. You can welcome to contact me!