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2D Boundary Layer on Flat Plate

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    Hi to everyone.rnrnI’m new in this community, and came here to find some assistance with my grade University thesis. I’m starting to understand the LBM behavior, trying some simple cases and comparing them with known solutions.rnrnCurrently I’m simulating a 2D D2Q9 uniform free flow over a flat plate, to analyse if the boundary layer results as expected… and it doesn’t. At least not at all, it seems I’m missing in the boundary conditions.rnrnThe code I’m using is a mutation from the 2D flow past a cylinder contributed by Jonas Latt, that can be found in the show cases at this site.rnrnIf someone is interested in bringing some help, by checking the code, giving opinions or whatever, just let me now, I’ll be glad. My contact is or via the Facebook group.rnrnGreets,rnArielrnrn

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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