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3D Multiphase filling simulation of microstructure

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    Hi there,

    first of all I’d like to mention that the level of activity in this community/forum is really great to see. I am completely new to LBM and OpenLB. Before coming to this forum, I have checked other software packages with very little to no activity or develepment in recent years. So I decided to learn and use OpenLB for my problem.

    Now coming to the problem definiton:
    I would like to perform a filling simulation of a fibrous microstructure meaning that due to a pressure gradient between inlet and outlet a resin (density somewhere around 1000 kg/m³) is entering the domain, fills the pore space between the fibers and pushes air out of the domain.
    Also I am dealing with stokes flow so Re<<1. I would also like to account for contact angles at the fiber boundaries.
    The geometry of the microstructure is available as a .dat file containing 0,1 and 2 values indicating pore space, fibers and fiber boundaries.

    From what I know so far the Shan-Chen model is probably not suitable due to the high density ratio so I guess I have to go with Free Surface? Is there maybe a case that is similar to my setup? I tried to use the breakingDam3D.cpp as a template but since I am not experienced (yet) in OpenLB this is giving me a hard time to adapt it for my purposes. Could you maybe point me to some more examples from which I could use code snippets e.g. loading of the .dat file, boundary definition, etc?

    Many thank in advance and best regards,



    Hi Stefano,

    regarding the question what multi-component model you should use, I would recommend to look into phase field models with high density ratios. There is a similar model already implemented to OpenLB which is called “Free Energy”, for example used in the Young Laplace or Contact Angle examples, but it does not allow different densities for the two phases which you can find a lot of literature about.

    For the loading of the .dat file and the boundary definition you might get another reply by someone else.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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