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Aorta3d Example

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    Dear OpenLB community,

    In the example aorta3d, I see that 0.02246 has been considered as the value of the characteristics length. See below:

    UnitConverter<T,DESCRIPTOR> converter(
    (T) 0.02246/N, // physDeltaX: spacing between two lattice cells in __m__
    (T) 0.02246/(M*N), // physDeltaT: time step in __s__
    (T) 0.02246, // charPhysLength: reference length of simulation geometry
    (T) 0.45, // charPhysVelocity: maximal/highest expected velocity during simulation in __m / s__
    (T) 0.003/1055., // physViscosity: physical kinematic viscosity in __m^2 / s__
    (T) 1055 // physDensity: physical density in __kg / m^3__

    Could you please let me know why this specific value has been assigned? In fact, where does it come from? I think this should be something related to the stl file imported to the simulation engine.

    Kind Regards,


    This is the diameter of the inflow crosssection in SI units. Thats what was measured by CT scan.


    Hi Mathias,

    Thanks very much for clarifying this.

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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