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aorta3d example

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    rnDear all,rnrnI am trying to run the aorta3d example on ‘aorta3d.stl’ (default is ‘aorta3db.stl’) and I receive run time errors like:rnrnrn[sOffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D:0] Cuboid globiC 0 starts to read distances for ZeroVelocity Boundary…rn[sOffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D:0] ERROR: no boundary found at (2,1,42) ~ (200.744,90.2909,35.0359), in direction 17: rnrnWhen visualizing the two meshes I see that the former has a much finer triangulation. Is this a problem when setting up a zero velocity boundary?rnrnI would appreciate any hint,rnHaniehrnrnrn


    Hi Hanieh,rnrnI could see your problem as well in our development code. It might be that there are gaps in the stl mesh. We are going to fix it for the next release. However, a big mesh size in general is not a problem.rnrnIf you see that error, a bounce back node is set instead so that the simulation will work.rnrnBest regardsrnMathias

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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