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Bouzidi on curved moving boundaries

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    Dear all,

    In my case I have a rotating cylinder. I am currently using a regularized boundary and I am adding velocity thanks to “addVelocityBoundary” and “RotatingLinear3D”. It work fine but I would like to use the Bouzidi boundary in order to avoid the staircase shape. So I tried to define it with :

    lattice.defineDynamics( superGeometry,3,&instances::getNoDynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>() );
    offBc.addVelocityBoundary( superGeometry,3,cylinder );
    RotatingLinear3D<T> velocity(O, axe_cylinder, w, converter.getCharLatticeVelocity()/converter.getCharPhysVelocity());
    offBc.defineU( superGeometry,3,velocity );

    The problem is that the computation diverges after few time step.
    However, if I reduced the velocity it work.

    Could someone tell me what is wrong ?

    Thanks in advance


    Dear Vaillant,

    what happens if you define a dynamics, e.g. the bulk dynmics instead?

    Best Mathias


    Dear Mathias,

    By defining a dynamics with :

    lattice.defineDynamics(superGeometry, 3, &bulkDynamics);

    the result is the same, the computation diverges.

    Best regards


    Ok, after how many steps is it diverging? Can you uploud or send me by email the output as well as a paraview vizualisation image of the velocity magnitute in a apropriate plane at the first timestep where uMax>0.3. It is very difficult to tell by means of the forum. Best Mathias

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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