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Car Drag-Coefficient based on cylinder3d

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    so i was trying out openlb and looked on some examples to get a little bit experience. Now i wanted to calculate the drag-coefficient of a car.
    I got the .stl of it and already used it in openfoam and the result is good.
    Now i wanted to compare it with openlb.

    I switched the .stl in the cylinder3d with mine and changed the scale factor to 1. My model is already scaled.

    Basically it is as in the example a cuboid. Inside of it i put my vehicle. The wheels are grounded on the floor so it is actually excactly like in the orginal model of this case.

    I didnt change anything else so far.

    It runs and stops after [prepareGeometry] … ok
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    Can you guys explain what i need to change or adjust? The materials in the case fits my model so i thought i didnt have to change anything in this case but it looks like i am doing smth. wrong.

    Any help is welcome =)

    Nice regards.


    I should mention that my stl-modell is kind of complex. I am not allowed to show you the original modell but it looks like transporter and has on the front many smoooth edges which mean i have to have a very fine grid to get a good contour.


    Dear Boboy162,

    Thanks for your interest. Without knowing specific details it is very difficult to tell what is going wrong here. I recommend our Spring School next May / June. There, we explain step by step how to use OpenLB. Otherwise we can also help you if you have a specific question here in the forum or for general support in the framework of a joint project.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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