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Change material number

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    Hello everybody,rnrnI am using the cylinder3d example to run a simulation with periodic boundary conditions. I have changed the walls to bulk dynamics:rnrn /// Material=2 –>bounce backrn sLattice.defineDynamics(superGeometry, 2, &bulkDynamics);rn //sLattice.defineDynamics(superGeometry, 2, &instances::getBounceBack<T, DESCRIPTOR>());rnrnand turn on the periodic boundary conditions by adding this:rnrncuboidGeometry.setPeriodicity(false, true, true);rnrnIt seems it works, but the corners (vertices) of the box are still marked as “”walls”” with material 2, causing a little disturbing on the flow… Can anyone give me an idea to fix this and set the voxels of the corners as bulk?rnrnThanks!


    Hi,rnrnIn the periodic case, the corner nodes needs to be of the inflow and outflow type. Otherwise the domain is not closed and you will get bad results. rnrnBestrnMathias


    Hello,rnrnI tried to change the material of the voxels located at the corners, but I was not able to do… I tried to change to inflow, outflow, bulk, but all the changes I did had no effects.rnrnBest wishes.


    Hi Liliana,rnrnPlease have a look at our thermalXd example. There, we have the same set-up implemement which you seek to archive. If it doesnt work, please, send Thomas your case ;-).rnrnBestrnMathias


    Hi Mathias,rnrnwe fix it, now!rnrnThe problem was: I ran the case using 12 processors and the disturbing on the flow showed up near the outlets, but when I ran using 8 processors, the flow was not disturbed and the result was the exactly what we was expecting for.rnrnThanks a lot for the attention!rnrnBest regards,rnLiliana.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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