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Checkpointing can’t be used in phaseSeparation2d etc.

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    In phaseSeparation2d,“sLattice.checkpoint”) and sLattice.load(“sLattice.checkpoint”) return true for both, but the average rho avRho shown in output gives different results between last and now simulations. The simulation crashes after using sLattice.load because wrong checkpointing data is loaded.

    I suppose that and load functions aren’t suitable for these D2Q9<VELOCITY,FORCE,EXTERNAL_FORCE,OMEGA> DESCRIPTOR with additional-fields data.

    Can anybody check that again? Thanks.


    Additional field data declared by the descriptor is saved / restored by the super lattice serialization.

    Did you call SuperLattice2D::postLoad as in e.g. examples/particles/magneticParticles3d/magneticParticles3d.cpp:591? This is called automatically in our current development version but unfortunately not in the current release.

    Depending on the exact code, there may be further obstacles in this particular example – e.g. the initial setup is random and non-reproducible by default. Also average rho in general is computed during collideAndStream and not up-to-date directly after reload.

    If you post your adapted code I am happy to assist you further.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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