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Claculate Force Term in OpenLB (rayleigh benard problem)

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    Hello All,

    I am not an advanced user. I faced problems while trying to calculate the body force term value in each step of the simulation using SuperLatticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D.

    to calculate the body force term in each step: I have implemented these two lines into my code:

    >>SuperLatticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D<T, NSDESCRIPTOR> bodyForce(NSlattice, converter);
    >>vtkWriter.addFunctor( bodyForce );

    but I get the following error while trying to execute the “make” command:

    /home/user/OlbRoot/olb-1.4r0//src/functors/lattice/latticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D.hh:70:46: error: no match for ‘operator*’ (operand type is ‘olb::FieldPtr<double, olb::descriptors::D2Q9<olb::descriptors::FORCE>, olb::descriptors::BODY_FORCE>’ {aka ‘olb::VectorPtr<double, 2>’})
    70 | output[0] = this->_converter.getPhysForce( *this->_blockLattice.get( input[0], input[1] )
    | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    71 | .template getFieldPointer<descriptors::BODY_FORCE>() );
    | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    In file included from /home/user/OlbRoot/olb-1.4r0//src/utilities/vectorHelpers.h:35,

    I would appreciate it if you could help me with this problem, or you can suggest to me a more suitable way to calculate the body force term.



    Hello Navid,

    there seems to be a bug in the implementation of the method BlockLatticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D<T,DESCRIPTOR>::operator().

    If you change the field access in the BlockLatticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D<T,DESCRIPTOR>::operator() method (src/functors/lattice/latticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D.hh, ll. 67-75) to

    template <typename T, typename DESCRIPTOR>
    bool BlockLatticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D<T,DESCRIPTOR>::operator() (T output[], const int input[])
    output[0] = this->_converter.getPhysForce( this->_blockLattice.get( input[0], input[1] )
    .template getFieldPointer<descriptors::BODY_FORCE>()[0] );
    output[1] = this->_converter.getPhysForce( this->_blockLattice.get( input[0], input[1] )
    .template getFieldPointer<descriptors::BODY_FORCE>()[1] );
    return true;

    , does it work for you?



    Dear Julius,

    Thank you for your time and response. The problem with compiling went away but the simulation still crashes. Here is the error:

    [MpiManager] Sucessfully initialized, numThreads=1
    [ThermalUnitConv] —————– UnitConverter information —————–
    [ThermalUnitConv] — Parameters:
    [ThermalUnitConv] Resolution: N= 10
    [ThermalUnitConv] Lattice velocity: latticeU= 0.1
    [ThermalUnitConv] Lattice relaxation frequency: omega= 1.90375
    [ThermalUnitConv] Lattice relaxation time: tau= 0.525278
    [ThermalUnitConv] Thermal Lattice relaxation frequency: omega_AD= 1.86705
    [ThermalUnitConv] Thermal Lattice relaxation time: tau_AD= 0.535603
    [ThermalUnitConv] Characteristical length(m): charL= 0.1
    [ThermalUnitConv] Characteristical speed(m/s): charU= 0.0118678
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. kinematic viscosity(m^2/s): charNu= 1e-05
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. density(kg/m^d): charRho= 1
    [ThermalUnitConv] Characteristical pressure(N/m^2): charPressure= 0
    [ThermalUnitConv] Reynolds number: reynoldsNumber= 118.678
    [ThermalUnitConv] ————————————————————-
    [ThermalUnitConv] —————– ThermalUnitConverter information —————–
    [ThermalUnitConv] — Parameters:
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. Delta X(m): physDeltaX= 0.01
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. Delta T(s): physDeltaT= 0.0842615
    [ThermalUnitConv] Characteristical pressure(N/m^2): charPressure= 0
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. Thermal Conductivity(W/m/K): physThermalCondcticity= 0.03
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. specific Heat Capacity(J/kg/K): physSpecificHeatCapacity= 2130
    [ThermalUnitConv] Phys. Thermal Expasion Coefficent(K^-1): physThermalExpansionCoefficent= 0.000143573
    [ThermalUnitConv] Characteristical Phys. low Temperature(K): charPhysLowTemperature= 273.15
    [ThermalUnitConv] Characteristical Phys. high Temperature(K): charPhysHighTemperature= 274.15
    [ThermalUnitConv] Prandtl number: prandtlNumber= 0.71
    [ThermalUnitConv] Rayleigh number: rayleighNumber= 10000
    [ThermalUnitConv] ————————————————————-
    [ThermalUnitConv] —————– Conversion factors:—————–
    [ThermalUnitConv] Voxel length(m): physDeltaX= 0.01
    [ThermalUnitConv] Time step(s): physDeltaT= 0.0842615
    [ThermalUnitConv] Velocity factor(m/s): physVelocity= 0.118678
    [ThermalUnitConv] Density factor(kg/m^3): physDensity= 1
    [ThermalUnitConv] Mass factor(kg): physMass= 1e-06
    [ThermalUnitConv] Viscosity factor(m^2/s): physViscosity= 0.00118678
    [ThermalUnitConv] Force factor(N): physForce= 1.40845e-06
    [ThermalUnitConv] Pressure factor(N/m^2): physPressure= 0.0140845
    [ThermalUnitConv] ————————————————————-
    [ThermalUnitConv] —————– ThermalConversion factors:—————–
    [ThermalUnitConv] Temperature(K): temperature= 1
    [ThermalUnitConv] Thermal Duffusity(m^2/s): physThermalDiffusity= 0.00118678
    [ThermalUnitConv] specific Heat Capacity(J/kg): physSpecificHeatCapacity= 0.0140845
    [ThermalUnitConv] Thermal Coductivity(W/m/K): physThermalCondcticity= 1.67152e-05
    [ThermalUnitConv] HeatFlux(W): physHeatFlux= 0.00167152
    [ThermalUnitConv] ————————————————————-
    [prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry …
    [SuperGeometry2D] cleaned 0 outer boundary voxel(s)
    [SuperGeometry2D] cleaned 1 inner boundary voxel(s)
    [SuperGeometry2D] the model is correct!
    [CuboidGeometry2D] —Cuboid Stucture Statistics—
    [CuboidGeometry2D] Number of Cuboids: 1
    [CuboidGeometry2D] Delta (min): 0.01
    [CuboidGeometry2D] (max): 0.01
    [CuboidGeometry2D] Ratio (min): 1
    [CuboidGeometry2D] (max): 1.9901
    [CuboidGeometry2D] Nodes (min): 20301
    [CuboidGeometry2D] (max): 20301
    [CuboidGeometry2D] ——————————–
    [SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=1; count=19898; minPhysR=(0,0.01); maxPhysR=(2,0.99)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=2; count=201; minPhysR=(0,0); maxPhysR=(2,0)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=3; count=201; minPhysR=(0,1); maxPhysR=(2,1)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=4; count=1; minPhysR=(1,0.01); maxPhysR=(1,0.01)
    [prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry … OK
    [prepareLattice] defining dynamics
    [prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice … OK
    [Timer] step=0; percent=0; passedTime=0.049; remTime=581.483; MLUPs=0
    [LatticeStatistics] step=0; t=0; uMax=1.49167e-154; avEnergy=0; avRho=1
    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::invalid_argument’
    what(): This MultiFieldArrayD does not provide FIELD.
    [fedora:17569] *** Process received signal ***
    [fedora:17569] Signal: Aborted (6)
    [fedora:17569] Signal code: (-6)
    [fedora:17569] [ 0] /lib64/[0x7fd0dea0da20]
    [fedora:17569] [ 1] /lib64/[0x7fd0de8662a2]
    [fedora:17569] [ 2] /lib64/[0x7fd0de84f8a4]
    [fedora:17569] [ 3] /lib64/[0x7fd0dec1ba26]
    [fedora:17569] [ 4] /lib64/[0x7fd0dec2724c]
    [fedora:17569] [ 5] /lib64/[0x7fd0dec272b7]
    [fedora:17569] [ 6] /lib64/[0x7fd0dec27519]
    [fedora:17569] [ 7] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x4880b1]
    [fedora:17569] [ 8] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x485654]
    [fedora:17569] [ 9] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x481c9e]
    [fedora:17569] [10] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x47e656]
    [fedora:17569] [11] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x474f16]
    [fedora:17569] [12] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x47a5f7]
    [fedora:17569] [13] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x421741]
    [fedora:17569] [14] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x41741c]
    [fedora:17569] [15] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x40ae14]
    [fedora:17569] [16] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x40ba22]
    [fedora:17569] [17] /lib64/[0x7fd0de850b75]
    [fedora:17569] [18] ./rayleighBenard2d[0x4092ae]
    [fedora:17569] *** End of error message ***
    Aborted (core dumped)



    Material 4, there is just one voxel. Numerically, that is not enough to have an outflow or inflow with only one voxel. Best Mathias


    Hello Mathias,

    This is the RayleighBernard2D example of OpenLB V1.4. Material 4 is defined to implement a perturbation; it is not inflow or outflow.

    I will redefine material 4 and let you know if the error is resolved.

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