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Cnojugated Heat Transfer

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    Hello OpenLB community,

    I apologize for the redundant questions as I am still not very familiar with the code.
    I was wondering how can I apply certain thermal dynamics on a solid obstacle in an enclosure filled with a fluid. In one of the forum questions I came across the dynamics (advectionDiffusionBulkDynamicsSolid). When I use it, it says it was not declared in the scope.

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    Can you link the forum question? Most likely advectionDiffusionBulkDynamicsSolid is only the name of the dynamics reference and not its type so I can not tell which exact dynamics you want. This is also why you get the “not declared in scope” error.

    For thermal transport one can use e.g. the AdvectionDiffusionBGKdynamics on the thermal lattice coupled to the Navier Stokes lattice used for modelling the fluid. If you want to model temperature transport both by the fluid and inside of the obstacle you want to couple both lattices together and chose different parameterizations for fluid and obstacle cells on the ADE lattice (on the NSE lattice solid cells need to be modelled using an appropriate boundary condition).

    See the example cases in examples/thermal/ to get started. E.g. examples/thermal/squareCavity2d for natural convection in a square cavity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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