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compile error on M1 chip

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    Dear developer,

    I got the following error:

    clang: error: the clang compiler does not support ‘-march=native’

    when compiling the example “thermal/porousPlate2d” on Macbook air with M1 (2020). Is this error exclusive to M1 chip? Do you have any plan on fixing this in the future?



    Thanks for your report. However, this likely is not something that we can fix on our end – a quick web search suggests that the “march=native” flag only works on architectures where defaults are provided by clang. You can check if something marching A1 is available via “clang –print-supported-cpus” in more recent clang versions.

    Alternatively you may also drop the “march=native” flag completely as it is not required to get a working build (e.g. it is not included in the default debug flags).

    I’d be interested in hearing if something breaks after that as I have not yet had the chance to test OpenLB on M1.


    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Just an update. I removed “march=native” flag and now it works on M1.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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