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Contact line pinning

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    I am new to OpenLB and LBM, I have been working on liquid drop on dry surface, I am testing for Contact line pinning by putting a triangle shape at the center of simulaiton box (the wedge shape has 2 material no on surafce and zero inside) for this I made following changes in contactAngle2D example:

    In the prepareGeometry function:
    T dx = converter.getPhysDeltaX();
    IndicatorCuboid2D<T> sq1 ( 30*dx, 30*dx, std::vector<T> {nx/2., 0}, 0.785714);
    IndicatorCuboid2D<T> sq2 ( 28*dx, 28*dx, std::vector<T> {nx/2., 0}, 0.785714 );
    Initial postion of liquid drop is such that it is on the wedge(somewhere between top and base of the triangle). The contact angle is set to 20 degrees. So, as the contact point reaches base it should be pinned there due to sudden change in slope. But I am observing so such thing.
    I am giving a link to code:

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    Dear Aditya Shukla,

    Please provide some more details about the case you’re considering. For example, a (rough) sketch of the setup would help us understand it. Also, please highlight the question/problem you need help with. Is it a bug report or do you need help with OpenLB? What do you expect from the simulation (with reasons) and what do you actually get? Again, exporting and uploading the actual results you get would be helpful to understand your question.

    For now, I can only suggest that you make sure that the materials are set correctly after applying your changes. You can do this by opening “tmp/vtkData/geometry_iT0000000.vtm” in ParaView. Does it look like the setup you had in mind?

    Best regards,

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