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“Could not addVelocityBoundary “

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    In my multicomponent models with inflow and outflow, when start running it shows the error messages as follows:

    [prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry … OK
    [prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice …
    [BoundaryConditionInstantiator2D] Could not addVelocityBoundary (2, 3)
    [BoundaryConditionInstantiator2D] Could not addVelocityBoundary (2, 4)
    [BoundaryConditionInstantiator2D] Could not addVelocityBoundary (2, 5)
    [BoundaryConditionInstantiator2D] Could not addVelocityBoundary (2, 6)
    [BoundaryConditionInstantiator2D] Could not addVelocityBoundary (2, 99)
    [BoundaryConditionInstantiator2D] Could not addVelocityBoundary (2, 100)
    [prepareLattice] Prepare Lattice … OK
    [main] starting simulation…

    It seems velocity boundary cannot be added along the line (2,3) to (2:100).
    The boundary profile in geometry.vtm of my model looks quite similar to cylinder2D and bsteps2D.
    And I used one geometry:
    CuboidGeometry2D<T> cGeometry( 0, 0, 1, nx, ny, 1 );

    Can someone tell me any potential reasons that may lead to this error?



    I found the problem: velocity can only be added if only the adjacent lattices have the material 1. If you want to simulate a situation where there are 2 flows, you need to switch the flow material number such that the material number adjacent to the INLET is 1.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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