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(Covid) Virus Risk Simulation

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    Thanks for putting together such an amazing library/tool!

    Where can I find the (Covid) Virus Risk Simulation example on OpenLB?
    Or any other relevant / real life / large scale examples?

    Also, I want to experiment with a large-scale simulation that uses lots of memory/storage, could you please let me know which examples/tutorials would be the best for this kind of exploration?

    Thank you!

    Vinicius Petrucci


    Dear Vinicius,

    you can scale-up all OpenLB examples by increasing the resolution. In a common project we are happy to share the Virus Risk Simulation and others. I will take up your idea and discuss with the other contributers with the aim of including at least one larger-scale real life application in the next release. Since then, we will have a GPU-version, I think it is a good idea. Further, you may come to our next spring school and bring your own problem. Within a week we will teach you to get it started.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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