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Dynamic Smagorinsky Model in aorta3d example

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    Hello everyone!rnrnI am trying to simulate some 3D-pipe-like geometries and i startet using the Palabos library. Unfortunately it is not working with Palabos because i always get something like a “”velocity-noise”” at specific points of the geometry-boundary (i am reading the geometry from a stl-file). rnNow i want to try it with OpenLB and i searched the source code and found that there is a dynamic smagorinsky model implemented.rnrnIn the directory: /src/dynamics there is the file:rnrndynSmagorinskyLatticeDescriptors.h with the descriptor: DynSmagorinskyD3Q19Descriptorrnrnand the file:rnrnsmagorinskyBGKdynamics.h with the dynamics: DynSmagorinskyBGKdynamicsrnrnMy geometry is very similar to the aorta3d example (also 1 inlet and 2 outlets) and therefore i first wanted to try the aorta3d example with the dynamic smagorinsky model. Therefore i replaced the descriptor and dynamics with the above mentioned ones:rnrn#define DESCRIPTOR DynSmagorinskyD3Q19DescriptorrnrnandrnrnDynSmagorinskyBGKdynamics<T, DESCRIPTOR> bulkDynamics(converter.getOmega(),rn instances::getBulkMomenta<T, DESCRIPTOR>(), converter.getLatticeL(), converter.physTime());rnrnI did not change anything else. My problem now is that i get compilation errors at every position in the code where the descriptor appears. (my compiler prints everything in german, i will translate it later on).rnHere is one example:rnrnmpicxx aorta3d.o -L../../build/precompiled/lib -lolb -o aorta3drnaorta3d.o: In Funktion `setBoundaryValues(olb::SuperLattice3D<double, olb::descriptors::DynSmagorinskyD3Q19Descriptor>&, olb::sOffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<double, olb::descriptors::DynSmagorinskyD3Q19Descriptor>&, olb::LBconverter<double> const&, int, olb::SuperGeometry3D<double>&)’:rnaorta3d.cpp:(.text+0x16a3): Nicht definierter Verweis auf `olb::sOffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<double, olb::descriptors::DynSmagorinskyD3Q19Descriptor>::defineU(olb::SuperGeometry3D<double>&, int, olb::AnalyticalF3D<double, double>&, std::list<int, std::allocator<int> >)’rnrn””Nicht definierter Verweis auf”” means “”not defined reference at””.rnrnCan you tell my why this happens and how to solve the problem? (I would really like to use the dynamic version of the smagorinsky model because of the better wall treatment. Palabos has no dynamic model implemented at all :). )rnrnBest regardsrnpompomparnrn


    Hi pompompa,rnrnsince the model is a non-standard one, you need to compile in “”generic”” mode. Please, check out our user giude in this topic.rnrnBasically, you need to change the compile options in the formrnrnBUILDTYPE := precompiledrn#BUILDTYPE := genericrnrntornrn#BUILDTYPE := precompiledrnBUILDTYPE := genericrnrnThen, recompile byrnrnmake cleanbuildrnmake cleanrnmakernrnBestrnMathias

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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