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    Hello I’d like to make a fish in openLB. I have read the tutorials, thanks for those. I do not see anything happening in the forcedPoiseuille2D example – plenty of numerical output – but I can’t see anything in the gif collection. I was hoping for an example with a moving object in it that I could adapt to make a swimming fish. Can you tell me if this is possible with openLB. rnrnThe best thing for me would be an existing example (as I am new to C++ – but it seems reasonably straightforward) – I only want the u v fields out of it, I will then use Lagrangian particles outside of openLB. Anyhow, any advice would be most appreciated, and thanks again for the docs and tutorial examples.


    Dear Jay,rnrn Have a look at “”cylinder2d”” and “”cylinder3d””. There is an object in a tube. We have implemented Lagrangian particles recently. It is working well and we think of releasing them in one of the next releases. You can contact me directly if you want to know more -> info(at)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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